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The Story

The Skull Creek area near Dinosaur National Monument serves as the high country or "winter" range for some of our local sheep. Out here in the West, the Greeks initially immigrated to Utah from various regions in Greece looking for a new start. Although coal mining is what many had to do, sheep was their true love! When they'd had enough of that dark, dusty rock, several Greek families headed this way and settled into Northwest Colorado where they leased land, bought their sheep and started what is now known as the American Greek sheep herding industry.

It's not an easy business... ya gotta be strong, eat good Greek food and move them ewes around. A cycle of seasonal travel extends from Colorado to Wyoming and back; 227 miles and the cycle starts all over again. Of course there were some scrambles with the Cowboys {cattle ranchers} vs. the Sheepherders, causing a raucous and initiating some folklore too... Our fresh food honors the hardy Northwestern Colorado sheepherders. Opa!

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Chef: Paul 'Rocky' LeBrun